Chwynyn Vaughan’s Garden Stand

If there are two things everyone can agree define Point Roberts, it’s our small size and connection to nature. Those dual elements are especially present in the front yard of one quarter acre property nestled just off of Boundary Road on Culp Court. There you’ll find a bountiful garden full of flowers, herbs, fruits, vegetables, and one small wooden garden stand where all these items are sold. Despite opening the stand just five weeks previous in the middle of a long border closure, Chwynyn Vaughan says she’s found success in attracting many locals to buy from her, “People come and just say, “these flowers make me so happy” which is really nice to know.”.

Chwynyn has well over two decades of experience gardening, having begun in her early 20’s. “I was part of a cooperative in Vancouver when I first moved (from Ontario), and so we had a farm, we had a juice bar, we had an organic store.” She’s been gardening in her yard for longer than the stand has been open, but made the leap to selling her harvest after she and her husband expanded their growing space by filling in the ditch at the head of their property. Even without the extra space, she’d grown more produce in the previous year than her family could eat. That’s no small feat, as she admits they eat a lot of vegetables, “I feed our family. I’d say about 95% of our produce for the year, I grow.”. Still, she’s not at it alone, “My husband does most of the dinner cooking, and he’s just such an amazing cook.”

In the new area she’s growing lettuce, arugula, kale, carrots, and very soon garlic.

A little further back brocoli cauliflower, peas, celery and brussels sprouts are being grown. There were potatoes earlier in the year, but most of them have been harvested by this time at the end of summer. The list goes on.

The stand itself is in the northeast corner of the property facing the street. “We have a tonne of strawberry plants. So I’ve got a freezer full of strawberries for this coming year but we’re going to make a huge patch over here (she gestures to a large section of land between the stand and two apple trees further into her property) that will just be for the garden stand.” While some of the items in the garden are unique to the summer, others will be sold through the winter. She mentions that both leeks and carrots can stay in the ground all winter long, and will be harvested as needed. The celery will continue through the winter as well.

If you ever feel like stopping by, here’s what you need to know:

Address: 2169 Culp Court

Hours: Every day: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

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  1. Thanks for a great article, Alexander. My husband and I just moved here from California, and we’re avid gardeners. I’ve been curious about Chwynyn’s garden since I discovered it on Nextdoor last month, and am looking forward to meeting her. Our local friends Debbie and Mitch brought us one of Chwynyn’s beautiful dahlia bouquets as a welcome gift last weekend, and the flowers are still looking fabulous!

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