Lily Point: Trails, beaches, and a 200 foot tall bluff

The bluff at Lily Point might not be the most frequently patroned attraction in Point Roberts, but there’s no doubt that it’s the largest. Its cliffside resides at the center of the 275 acre nature reserve, and stands over 200 feet tall. So what’s it like to visit Lily Point Marine Park?

Upon arrival you’ll be greeted with some useful amenities that are always bound to make your trip a little easier. Washrooms, water fountains, and large trail sign that not only maps out hiking routs, but also gives an introductory history of the location. I’d highly recommend giving it a read before exploring any further.

From here you’ll be encouraged to choose from two different starting points for your hike. Don’t labor too heavily on this decision. They’re both part of the all access loop, so you won’t be missing out on anything.

If you only came for a view you’re in luck, as the eastern entrance provides one just a few hundred feet from the parking lot. This lookout point is located directly above the bluff and gives a beautiful view of the bay. If you want a view that extends southward, you’ll be presented with such an opportunity slightly further down the trail.

The all access loop lives up to its name, which is to say that no matter who you are, you’ll be able to experience Lily Point from this trail. The path is wide, and the changes in elevation are slight and unnoticeable. Those looking for something more challenging and more rewarding will find both in the trail to the beach. Not only does it descend around 200 feet in the form of a switchback and a few stairs, but it ends with a spectacular view of the bluff. Walk a little further and you can view it from up close. While you’re at the shoreline feel free to explore the 1.4 miles of coast that reside within the bounds of the park. Just make sure to be respectful of both the nature and wildlife during your stay. The park is open from sunrise until sunset.

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