Your library card can do more than you think

The digital perks you probably didn't know about

During this pandemic the Point Roberts Library has been taking special precautions to keep everyone safe when it comes to loaning out physical media, but this is also the perfect time to take advantage of library services that carry zero risk for infection, those being their free digital services.

Here’s a list of everything you get access to as part of the Whatcom County Library System, including a short description of what they include:

Ancestry Library: An extensive genealogy resource

Washington Anytime Library: ebooks and audiobooks

Britannica Library: Reference material aimed at children and young adults

Chilton Library: Vehicle maintenance and repair guides

Consumer Reports: Helps you make informed purchasing decisions

Creative bug: Arts and crafts classes

Freegal: 15 million songs

Kanopy: Documentary/movie streaming service

Library Elf Notification Service: Library reminders for what’s due, overdue, and ready for pickup.

Lynda: Online courses on a large variety of subjects

Mango Languages: Learn languages

Newsbank: Archived newspapers

Novelist: Book recommendations

Proquest (CultureGrams, eLibrary, History Study Center, SIRS Discoverer): Resources for students

RB Digital: Digital magazines
Reference USA: Data on tens of millions of US and Canadian businesses

Testing & Education Reference Center: Practice tests for students of any age, as well as citizenship and basic skill practice tests.

Value Line Investment Research: Investment data

All you need to access these services is a library card and a computer with wifi. If you don’t have a library card, you can get one sent to you by visiting Links to the content can be found at

While a number of these services are specifically meant to be accessed with a library card, there are also a few that would otherwise require a paid subscription. For example, a premium subscription to would cost a whopping $37.50 per month. A Kanopy subscription costs $150 a year. Mango Languages costs $17.99 per month. Creativebug costs $7.95 per month. Consumer Reports costs $59/year.

Together that makes over $80 of value every month for free. Why not take advantage of it?

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